11 Good Anime for Youngs [Recommendations]

There are so many anime to watch and it’s hard to find the next one. That’s exactly why, partly as an experienced anime viewer, I recommend 11 catchy anime for young viewers.

After I finished the article, I realized that there are almost all kinds of anime in this article; Mecha, Survival, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Ecchi, Slice of Life, Supernatural and more. With the anime recommendations, you can conquer a genre you think you don’t like or continue on your way by choosing anime from the genres you like, the choice is yours.

Ranking from most persistent to least* If you’re a seasoned anime fan, you may have watched all of the ones on the list, but if you haven’t watched at least one, you’ve found the next anime to watch!*

11- Death Note

Psychological – Suspense – Supernatural – Shounen

MAL Score: 8.62

Death Note deserves a better ranking, I’m assuming you’ve all already watched it.

Yagami Light discovers that the “Death Note” he found on the ground has extraordinary power; Everyone whose name he writes in the notebook dies in some way.

Under the alias “Kira”, Light embarks on his the ultimate goal of ridding the world of all evil by killing various criminals he believes have no right to live. After all, a mind-playing chase develops between Kira and a genius detective known as L.

10- Tokyo Revengers


Mal Score: 8.23

12 years ago, Takemichi Hanagaki in his second year of middle school had a small gang of friends he trusted and a sweet, thoughtful girlfriend named Hinata. Today he’s nothing, constantly apologizing and mocked even by children.

One day, Takemichi learns of the news that Hinata, was killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. That same day, when someone pushes him onto the tracks at the train station, he suddenly time-leaps twelve years back; To save Hinata’s life, Takemichi wages war to the future and targets the top of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

9- One Punch Man

Comedy – Action – Adventure

MAL Points: 8.52

Being a superhero must be pretty fun, right? However, Saitama, who is superhero “just for fun”, can’t take pleasure in it as an invincible human with the power to kill his opponents with just one punch. Since no one can match him, boredom and depression are inevitable.

Anime to Watch

8- Banana Fish

Action, Adventure, Drama

MAL Score: 8.50

17 year-old gang leader Ash Lynx was used as a sex toy by mafia leader Dino Golzine and raised as his heir.

One night, Ash witnesses two gang members kill a man who just before he dies, tells Ash to “seek banana fish“. This is what Ash’s brother kept muttering after he went crazy and killed all his comrades; Banana Fish.

As Ash begins his research on the Banana Fish and Dino’s men are after him and at the most inopportune moment he meets kindhearted young photographer Eiji Okumura.

Top Anime Recommendations

7- Dr. Stone

Adventure, – Comedy – Survival

MAL Score: 8.29

In 2019, humanity was petrified by the appearance of a mysterious green light. Now, 3700 years later, thanks to a factor that hastened the dissolution, scientific genius Senkuu and his brawny friend Taiju awoke earlier than most of humanity. Senkuu tries to re-establish civilization using the power of science, but some of the awakened – for ideological reasons – are determined to prevent it.

Good Anime Recommendations

6- Toradora

best anime series, best anime shows, anime to watch Drama – Comedy – Rom-Com – Slice Of Life

Mal Score: 8.10

The story revolves around Ryuuji Takasu, Ryuuji loves Minori and therefore makes a deal with Taiga, Minori’s best friend to help Ryuuji get Minori. In return, Ryuuji must bring his best friend Yuusaku Kitamura closer to Taiga. Things will get even more complex.

Best Anime Recommendations

5- Charlotte

Charlotte: Anime Recommendation Drama – School – Supernatural

MAL Score: 7,75

I’ve seen this anime criticized for taking certain features of all good anime. How can it be bad (:

I think it’s an anime that missed being a Masterpiece by a large margin for various reasons…

As the comet Charlotte passed near Earth, special powers were revealed in some adolescents. Like Yuu Otosaka, who has the ability to take over people’s bodies for 5 seconds.

One day, Yuu is summoned to join the Hoshinoumi Academy, which was secretly created for teenagers with supernatural abilities, and furthermore, he becomes a member of the student council. The student council’s job is to bring special-powered adolescents to school and protect them from harm.

4- Saiki

top anime series, good anime to watch, good anime, good anime shows Comedy – Slice Of Life – Shounen – Supernatural

MAL Score: 8.43

A legendary anime with an original, enduring comedy. 99% of viewers will love it, guaranteed.

High school sophomore Kusuo Saiki has led a quiet life since childhood, hiding his psychic powers from people. But when he inadvertently catches the attention of a group of strange characters, he breaks away from his quiet life and tries to hide from their crazy quirks with his psychic powers.

3- High School DxD

top anime to watch, top anime shows, top anime list Comedy – Ecchi – Harem

MAL Score: 7.35

We call it the best ecchi anime. Check to see if it’s for you.

Issei, a lustful high school sophomore, after is tricked and killed by a fallen angel, he is reincarnated as a demon by Rias Gramory, the hottest girl on campus. Now he is surrounded by beautiful girls who are subordinates of Rias Gramory.

2- Code Geass

best anime recommendations, good anime recommendations Action – Drama – Mecha

MAL Score: 8.70

The Action, brainstorming and dialogues that put emotions in your ears along with sounds. The ultimate contender for being a mecha fan favorite and everyone else.

Holy Empire of Britainnia, the most powerful nation in the world, invaded Japan in 2010. And ever since, the Japanese have been treated as contemptible by the Britannian in place called Area 11. When Lelouch vi Britannia, the Former heir and worst enemy of the Empire, possesses “Geass”, which gives him the power to instantly subdue the people and he initiates the bloody great resistance against Britain. He hides behind the mask and leads the resistance; as Zero.

1- Akame Ga Kill!

Anime recommendation, best animes, good animes Drama – Action – Adventure

MAL Score: 7.47

Sad, very sad, even sadder, also very good.

Tatsumi is a brave warrior who migrates to the center to save his village, which is ravaged by hunger, misery and disease. In the early days of his arrival in Central City, Tatsumi learns something sickening.

The central government is in the hands of corrupt scumbags and this mess definitely needs to be cleaned up… Thus, Tatsumi joins the team of assassins called Night Raid.

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