Anime Ships I Wanted the End Up But Didn’t Happen..

This post contains spoilers for the following animes, in order:

Oregairu, Toradora, Code Geass, Akame ga Kill

Yui Yuigahama – Hikki

I’m not saying he and Yui were a more suitable couple, but all of Yui’s efforts, not seeing the loyalty of the author half as much as she contributed to the anime, the way she collapsed to the ground and cried, just heartbreaking.

Ami – Ryuuji

Now.. Ryuuji is an idiot. An idiot who is both incapable of understanding and incapable of choice. This much.

Lelouch – Shirley

Pure love, that was what was pictured. And I said that the article has spoilers; The death of a character who loves so much, puts effort, trusts, and even does not stop loving him despite being associated with his father’s death, is one of the best examples of a ship that doesn’t happen.

Lelouch – C.C.

Let’s go a little after Shirley’s death and even Lelouch’s death, and even leave the anime and move on to the Code Geass movies: You’ll understand Lelouch and C.C. what a compatible couple.

Tatsumi – Mine

The anime already is based on making us cry, of course really deeply saddened us with the death of tsundere, who is in love with main character..

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