8 Annoying Anime Characters That Make the Viewer Highly Strung

1- Yukiteru Amano from The Future Diary

As if someone from earth is imprisoned in the anime full of psychopaths and doesn’t know what to do, wimpy, coward, pathetic character.

He does not reflect the world of the anime and does not give him the right to be a main character. Character development? Nope.

As known, a useless crybaby is not enjoyable to watch.

And for 26 episodes, the producers of this series had the opportunity to leave, what a shame…

2- Sakura from Naruto

Narutoooo!” every time. It was really frustrating when she shouted, as she didn’t get stronger throughout the episodes and all she could do was shout and she did it a lot.

She was a total hussy to our main hero, who loved her so much. But she is unnecessarily obsessed with Sasuke, Sasuke syndrome?

I don’t like characters who hit the main character at every opportunity, but if the main character is hit by a useless, uninteresting character, it’s worse.

In the end, I don’t hate this character, just wasn’t enjoyable to watch.

3- Mikasa from AOT

“Eren!” this shout is at the height of a distress call. No, it’s Mikasa’s daily routine, a hollow, shallow character who likes to shout “Eren!” in every episode.

4- Nina Einstein from Code Geass

She is extremely racist, and certainly not peaceful towards the rest of the races. But it’s not my fashionable to hate villains, Nina is a scourge, but not a well-written scourge.

The anime just needed some trouble, and suddenly Nina stepped in, citing her stupid love for Princess Euphemia.

There’s only one reason why she’s so mad that she doesn’t even care about her friends, because this character is a madman with a passion for carnage and revenge, not interesting but frustrating.

Also, Lelouch was such a good character that I tended to dislike his enemies.

5- Issei from DxD

We love Issei, but he can be frustrating most of the time as he’s inspired by the idiot protagonist stereotype and so many different cliches.

6- Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi is a great character, audiences supported him throughout his entire journey, they felt with him when he was defeated, and they felt always this. However when he stood up again, it passed to the audience too.

I’m a fan of the slow character development the author gave Takemichi, and will be waiting for Takemichi to end his desperate get beaten > don’t give up! > get beaten > don’t give up!‘ cycle. 

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