My Favori Comedy Animes I’ve Ever Watched

4 Comedy anime recommendations.

I like to watch anime, but after watching anime for a while, I want to watch something different. Because the action is in the foreground in many animes I watch, and there are very childish cliches in these animes.

That’s why comedy anime have a special place for me. I will recommend you the 3 best anime I’ve watched, where you can have a good time.

1- Spy x Family

Summary: The story begins when spy Loid Forger, nicknamed Twilight, starts a family for a mission. Loid tries to fulfill the mission, not knowing that his adopted daughter is a telepath and that the woman who agreed to marry him is a skilled assassin.

Action, Childcare, Comedy – 9.08

In a short time, it ranked 2nd in the best anime list on MAL and remained on the anime agenda for weeks. This anime quickly proved to be among the legendary animes and it’s definitely fun to watch!

The cuteness of Anya character is in another dimension. The anime makes you laugh and warms your heart.

2- Charlotte

great comedy animes, comedy animes on Netflix, comedy anime recs, comedy anime sugestSumary: A comet named Charlotte passes close to Earth every 75 years. As the star Charlotte passes near Earth, it emits dust into the atmosphere, allowing a small percentage of pre-teens to have superpowers by the time they reach puberty.

Drama, Superpower, Comedy – 7.75

Seinen vs Shonen: Differences/Meaning

This anime was the first anime I watched and I still remember Charlotte amused me, I remember all my prejudices against anime were gone.

It consists of 13 episodes and actually I am sorry that there are not 24 episodes.

3- Saiki

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Summary: Saiki Kusuo is one of the young people with supernatural powers, who have powers such as teleportation and pyconesis. He hides it from everyone at school. Although Saiki wants to have ordinary days, the colorful characters around her always remove her from her daily life.

Comedy, School,Supernatural – 8.43

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is funny and entertaining, but you may be sad that it’s over. Saiki is one of my favorite characters, actually many of the characters in this anime are well designed.

It is one of the most famous comedy anime and I recommend watching it no matter what age you are.

4- Prison School

action comedy animes, good comedy animes, comedy anime recommendationsThe story takes place at Achimitsu Private Academy, a once respected women’s boarding school on the outskirts of Tokyo that removed a school rule to allow boys to enter the school. On the first day of school, Kiyoshi Fujino discovers that there are only five boys at the school, and these 5 boys are crushed by a thousand girls on campus.

Ecchi, Comedy – 7.63

I found this anime weird, but I still liked it because it was funny and it’s at the bottom of the list.

Warning: The sexuality is extreme and it’s really a little weird.

When ordering this list, I didn’t rank it from the funniest to the least funny, but from my favorite to least favorite, so comedy wasn’t the only factor in the ranking.

Some Other Comedy Anime Recommendations:


Action, Comedy

MAL Score: 8.95

Grand Blue


MAL Score: 8.43

One Punch Man

Action, Comedy, Parody

MAL Score: 8.51

Kill La Kill

Action, Comedy, Ecchi

MAL Score: 8.05

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