I Think Demon Slayer Overrated – Reason Explained

How popular was the Demon Slayer?

Nearly 2 million 300 thousand people voted Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) on My Anime List, which is a huge number. The anime score is 8.56, which gives the impression that it’s a good anime for those who haven’t watched the anime, but is Demon Slayer really a good anime?

Demon Slayer one of the best anime?

First of all, let me state that Demon Slayer is not a terrible anime, it is an anime that can be watched and considered enjoyable. But seeing Demon Slayer in ‘best anime‘ posts just seems ridiculous to me. We can put it at the top of the list of ‘animes with the best animations‘, but can it really make it to the list of best animes?

Is animation quality more important to an anime than plot?

The animation of the anime is really at a high level, so I can understand why people like this anime so much. But for me, the most beautiful aspects of watching anime are the characters, the unusual themes and plot that you cannot see in American animations, the genre of anime that appeals to everyone (for example, Shoujo, Shonen genres).

Of course, the animation quality is also important, but is the animation quality alone enough without the plot and the characters being too good?

If the image quality of all anime was very good but other aspects were poor, would we continue to watch anime?

Consider that all anime is focused on visual quality, wouldn’t you stop watching anime after a while? Would you continue to watch anime without the plot being good, the characters designs are good but the characters are not interesting except for the looks? Or are you saying that the animation quality is enough for me? I gave Demon Slayer a ‘1’ in response to it focus only on animation quality.

Does Demon Slayer have similar features with other anime?

Because animes were preferred by the producers due to the animation art that can be made cheaply, they would come to the fore with a smooth, self-watching subject and character structure, but the only issue that Demon Slayer brings to the fore is the quality of animation, in this state, Demon Slayer may not even be called an anime.


I think it deserves a score of 6,7/10 and it manages to be watched because of its visual quality, but I didn’t want to watch the 2nd season because there are so many missing aspects, instead of this anime, the animation quality is lower but I would watch a better anime in general.

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