Is Anime Weird? – Why do People Think So?

People have made many searches on google for ‘is anime weird’ and so on, I plan to answer this and overcome your prejudices, at least partially.

What is anime?

why is anime weird, is anime weird

Anime is any cartoon produced in Japan or produced in Japanese style. Also, the Japanese call all cartoons anime, and that was actually the original meaning of the word.

For a more detailed explanation: What Is Anime?

Who finds anime weird?

  • The people who find the anime the strangest are those who have never watched anime

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  • They are sheep-minded people who join them because the majority of society is prejudiced against anime. (Are you one of them too!)
  • Who thinks anime is for kids

  • Those who think that all cartoons should be suitable for children to watch
  • People who have no interest in unpopular things, and maybe we’re all a bit like that

  • who see people who misrepresent animes and go to extremes can get cold before watching anime
  1. anime weird

Is anime weird?

Animes may seem strange from the outside, maybe because they are supernatural and unrealistic, maybe because you are not used to their voiceovers, but these are not strange things,

but of course, it may seem strange to you because you have never been exposed to voiceovers. Is it weird that animes aren’t realistic, then Marvel movies and American cartoons are weird too.

is liking anime weird

While anime isn’t for kids, there are some who find it weird for adults to watch cartoons but I see nothing wrong with that, cartoons don’t have to be for kids and there are now a lot of American cartoons for adults.

Why Do People Think Anime Is Weird?

is anime weird,


Most people who find anime weird think so because it’s popular culture. Since watching anime is seen as weird by society, people don’t watch anime because they don’t want to be embarrased, and they see anime as ‘weird’ to fit into society.

If the anime you watch for the first time is not suitable for your age, you may think that the animes are not suitable for you and you may not give them another chance.

For example, anime such as Doremon, Drogan Ball Z are for children, but Helsing Ultimate anime is suitable for 18-40 age range, Naruto anime is more suitable for people aged 12-18. An anime that is not suitable for your age may seem strange to you.

Words like shonen, seinen are used to describe the demographics of anime: Read and find out which animes are right for your age.

Do you still wonder why anime is weird or do you understand that anime is normal and people are judgmental and conforming to popular culture? Anyway, let’s continue!

Is anime for kids?

are people who watch anime weird

Not. Animes are not for kids, not all animes are made for kids to watch. Animes can be +18 or +12 and most anime fall into these categories, etc Berserk anime. but there are also animes for children to watch, such as Doremon and Pokemon, such animes have a positive effect on the child’s personal development.

Some animes are made for teenagers to watch, not for toddlers, 12-18 year olds, like Naruto, My Hero Academia.

Animes such as Hellsing Ultimate, Berserk, and Parasyte are made for people over the age of 18 and contain violence, blood, and sexuality.

Is It Weird To Watch Anime?

There are many beautiful animes and people who are experts in this industry come up with very good projects, and animes are more watchable than regular cartoons, in fact, watching anime is as natural as watching TV series, and there are many attractive reasons to watch anime.

Before watching anime, I used to wonder why people like anime, the first animes I watched were Death Note and Charlotte, I watched both and I do not regret that I stepped into watching anime. The best way to find out why people like anime is to make popcorn and watch good anime.

I don’t like Marvel movies, but I don’t find it strange to love Marvel movies or Super Heroeslike many peopleI expect the same respect from people who watch Anime.

Although animes are different from each other such as production, subject, content, animation quality, demographic target, people who have never watched anime or have only watched one or two anime say “animes are weird“. Actually, this is the weirdest thing.

Sexuality and Lolis in anime

anime is weird

There are many types of anime, some of them are sexual, some are not. For example, Ecchi, Hentai types contain sexuality, while the most common type, Shonen, does not. Don’t watch Ecchi, Harem or Hentai if you don’t want to see extreme sexuality.

But watching Hentai or Ecchi is quite natural (for a person who does not have a sexual taboo).

As for Loli, yes there are Hentai, Ecchi animes that sexualize Lolis (they are few in number) and they are not illegal as they are only animations, so they continue to be produced.

But I must remind you that most anime do not sexualize lolis.


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