My 10 Favorite Anime in 10 Categories

Welcome to see my favorite anime in 10 genres.

I’ve watched dozens of anime, I can say I’ve watched the best animes of any genre, it doesn’t matter if it’s comedy, action, Isekai or adventure. And without needing to watch anime as much as I do, you can find something for you by looking at my favorite animes.

The list based the two things: 1- How Much I Like, 2- How Well Anime Does the Category Right.

An example, if you’re craving some comedy, Saiki is the exact equivalent it and incredibly enjoyable to watch. So in Comedy genre I am fond of it.

‘Saiki’ for Comedy

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Between us, Saiki Kusuo is a medium with powers ranging from Telepathy to X-ray vision, while that’s the case, living the ordinary life he wants is a dream. Also, he has another power besides Psychic, his sticky lure to a few fool people who want to be friends but his motivation is to avoid.

——–My Comments——–

It was very enjoyable to watch Saiki’s attempts to avoid the funny, well-written side characters. The created situations are wonderfully designed and they relates Saiki with the audience so much that the anime deserve more seasons and I could watch episodes for seasons without getting bored if it didn’t end in the second season.


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Meet David Martinez, who lives in a future where you can mechanically modify any body part and whose world is turned upside down overnight as waggles crime and death through the Night City.

While David in debt he has nothing but his new gadget Sandevistan, a futuristic gadget that provides superhuman speed to the wearer. Haphazard, when he mods Sandevistan on his back, David opens the door to meeting an illegal cyberpunk gang known as the “Edgerunners“. While Night City is still the same, David has just crossed over.


Akame ga Kill

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MAL Score: 7.47

Genres: Action, Gore, Super Power, Shounen

Tatsumi is a brave warrior who migrates to the center to save his village, which is ravaged by hunger, misery and disease. In the early days of his arrival in Central City, Tatsumi learns something sickening.

The central government is in the hands of corrupt scumbags and this mess definitely needs to be cleaned up… Thus, Tatsumi joins the team of assassins called Night Raid.

— Why My Favorite Anime in Drama

Ideal for a ‘little‘ cry and a new you might be born after you finish Akame ga Kill. The fact that it is quite catchy, can not get out of its effect for 1 week what makes this anime valuable for me. After that goes into spoiler.


Dr. Stone

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MAL Score: 8.29

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Survival

In 2019humanity was petrified by the appearance of a mysterious green light. Now, 3700 years later, thanks to a factor that hastened the dissolution, scientific genius Senkuu and his brawny friend Taiju awoke earlier than most of humanity.

Senkuu tries to re-establish civilization using the power of science, but some of the awakened – for ideological reasons – are determined to prevent it.


Mushoku Tensei

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MAL Score: 8.38

Genres: Ecchi, Isekai, Fantasy, Drama

A 34-year-old Japanese NEET, who has been bullied all his life, sacrifices his own meaningless life while doing something heroic. A twist of fate; And maybe a second chance; He reincarnated into a mystical world as the child of loving parents.

Named Rudeus Greyrat in this world, the 34-year-old baby Rudeos decides to make the best use of the knowledge he has acquired in his previous life, exceeding all expectation as he has the mind of an adult, while honing his magic skills, he meets a little girl who is a magic teacher and a beautiful quarter elf with green hair.



MAL Score: 8.11

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Love Polygon, Romance

The story revolves around Ryuuji Takasu, Ryuuji loves Minori and therefore makes a deal with Taiga, Minori’s best friend to help Ryuuji get Minori. In return, Ryuuji must bring his best friend Yuusaku Kitamura closer to Taiga. Things will get even more complex.


High School DxD

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MAL Score: 7.34 Year: 2012 Rated: Intense (R+)

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance

Issei is tricked and killed by a fallen angel but is reincarnated as a demon by Rias Gramory, and from that day serves as a subordinate of Rias Gremory, the hottest girl on Issei’s campus and also a high-level demon. Now, he is surrounded by beautiful girls, subordinates of Rias Gramory.

Super Power

Code Geass

MAL Score: 8.70

Genres: Action, Drama, Mecha

Holy Empire of Britainnia, the most powerful nation in the world, invaded Japan in 2010. And ever since, the Japanese have been treated as contemptible by the Britannian in place called Area 11.

When Lelouch vi Britannia, the Former heir and worst enemy of the Empire, possesses “Geass”, which gives him the power to instantly subdue the people and he initiates the bloody great resistance against Britain. He hides behind the mask and leads the resistance; as Zero.


Sword Art Online

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MAL Score: 7.20

Genres: Action, Isekai, Adventure, Fantasy

After the “exit” function has been removed, Sword Art Online has become more than just a virtual reality game, virtual became equivalent to reality for 10,000 players. Because, if the player dies in the game, dies in real life too.

In the life-or-death game due to NerveGear devices, the only way out is to reach and defeat the Boss on the 100th floor.

First season is a masterpiece, but if you feel compelled to watch seasons 2 and 3, you’ll be no better than someone who puts on NerveGear and gets trapped in the game. I’m in love with the first season.

My Favorite Anime in Mystery

Darwin’s Game

After Kaname Sudō received an invitation to a game called “Darwin’s Game” from a classmate, bitten by a snake coming off the screen… must be a hallucination, let’s play a match and learn, the app interface is ordinary anyway..

Yeah, just a normal game, except for the bladed opponent that appears in front of him and sometimes invisible.

— Why My Favorite Anime in Mystery

It’s great to be sucked into the action and mystery from the first episode. While the mystery gradually unfolds, I like that the mystery makes the audience interested in each episode, and it is not an ordinary Shonen anime, but contains every element I expect from a Shonen. You’re interested in the subject or are you into the Shounen demographic, there’s a good chance you’ll like this anime very much.

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