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30 Sad Anime Movies on Netflix That are Perfect for Crying

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I carefully selected the sad anime movies on Netflix.

If you are good with anime, then you know the memorability of sad anime movies and series, the wonderful sad moments that give you goosebumps and you want to experience the same feeling again.

You will find the saddest anime on Netflix in this article and Netflix will give you wonderful sad moments with its wide catalog of sad anime (drama anime).

1. A Silent Voice (2016)

A masterpiece by Kyoto Animation. As soon as the movie starts, it touches your emotions and draws you in.

It is inevitable that you will think of a piece of your own life and it is certain that you will be lost in thoughts as the movie continues.

Because A Silent Voice covers a lot of real life, it covers a serious topic like suicide, it also includes not being open with other people, and these topics are brilliantly handled in the movie in a memorable way.

sad anime movies on netflix

MAL Score: 8.95

Genres: Romantic Subtext

Plot Summary:

A young man bullies a deaf girl named Shoko enough to kick her out of school. After Shoko transfers from school, everyone blames and excludes the young man. Years later, the young man goes to see Shoko with all his regrets.

2. Your Name (2016)

The early parts of the movie are not sad, romantic or nothing, but the last part of the movie will make you experience every emotion and unforgettable moments.

There are many scenes that will give you goosebumps and admire the animation quality, you will understand why this movie is so famous when you watch it.

If you read the sad anime movies recommendations on Netflix, it is an inevitable movie to be in the first place.

sad anime movies netflix

MAL Score: 8.87

Genres: Romantic Subtext, Supernatural

Plot Summary:

High school students Taki and Mitsuha are complete strangers living different lives. One night they wake up in each other’s bodies. Taki wakes up in Mitsuha’s body and she is in his body too. This mysterious event continues to happen randomly and the two must adjust their lives to suit each other.

3. Your Lie in April (2014)

MAL Score: 8.66

Genres: Romance, Music, School

Kousei Arima is an outstanding pianist praised even by accomplished musicians. However, when his mother dies unexpectedly, Arima has a hard time coping with it and he cannot hear the sound of his piano due to the trauma he has experienced.

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As Arima’s life gets worse, he meets a beautiful violinist, Kaori Miyazono, who encourages his to play the piano and enters a competition with him. All of this helps get Arima out of his depression, but Kaori is hiding a harsh truth that could push his back to the limit.

4. Violet Evergarden (2018)

sad anime netflix

MAL Score: 8.67

Genres: Fantasy, Slice of Life

The story of Violet Evergarden revolves around the life of Violet, whose purpose is to serve as the perfect weapon of war.

Violet falls in love with her chief in the army, Gilbert, but cannot comprehend this feeling and loses both hands while trying to save Gilbert.

After the war is over, Violet works in the CH Postal service, There, she is deeply moved by the work of “Auto Memories Dolls”, who carry people’s thoughts and convert them into words. Violet begins her journey as an Auto Memories Doll, and comes face to face with various people’s emotions and differing shapes of love.

Violet hopes to understand her own past feelings.

5. How’s Moving Castle (2004)

MAL Score: 8.66

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

The story is based on the love story between 18-year-old Sophie, who was cursed by a witch to be turned into an old woman, and a magician named Howl.

Sophie sets out to seek out a wizard named Howl to save the curse, which leads her to Howl’s bustling castle. You can watch this sad movie where you will watch Sophie and her struggles on netflix.

6. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas (2018)

sad anime on netflix, sad anime on netflix movie

MAL Score: 8.57

Genres: Romance, Slice of Life

It is written in the diary that Sakura has a pancreatic disease and she has a few months to live, and our main character is the only one who knows except Sakura’s family, Sakura wants it to be kept a secret.

The movie then continues with Sakura deciding to spend the last few months with our protagonist.

(The title of the movie is inspired by the so-called Japanese tradition of eating a loved one of the same body part to cure a disease that affects one part of the body.)

7. Wolf Children (2012)

MAL Score: 8.59

Genres: Childcare, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Hana, a college student, falls in love with a man in college. The man is revealed to be a werewolf, and later Hana and the werewolf have children.

After the werewolf dies in an unexpected accident, young Hana must find ways to raise her two werewolf and werewolf girl traits while hiding them from society.

8. Perfect Blue (1988)

The grip of the movie is immense, it draws you in and you get lost in the movie. It is very difficult to distinguish between paranoia and reality in the movie, if you have a little interest in psychological movies, you should watch this movie.

It is one of the most artistic and legendary of the sad anime movies on Netflix.

sad anime on netflix 2022

MAL Score: 8.52

Genres: Psychological, Horror, AVANT GARDE, Adult Cast

Plot Summary

An over-obsessed fan, resentful of pop singer Mima’s decision to become an actress, follows Mima throughout the day and posts her actions and thoughts online. Perfect Blue is the story of Mima as she begins to lose her sense of reality and falls into paranoia.

9. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

MAL Score: 8.51

Genres: Historical

Grave of the Fireflies is the story of two young Japanese brothers, Seita and Setsuko, during the days of WWII. When an American incendiary bomb drops, two young siblings lose their parents in the war, only to have to fully trust each other as they struggle to survive after their parents die.

10. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (2018)

sad anime series on netflix, good sad anime on netflix,really sad anime on netflix

MAL Score: 8.41

Genres: Fantasy

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms tells the story of Maquia, a young girl who is a member of a special race called the Iorphs, mystical beings who can live for hundreds of years and stop aging at puberty. While fleeing the war, she finds a baby boy and takes care of the baby, the story follows Maquia and their relationship as the baby boy grows up.

11. Weathering With You (2019)

MAL Score: 8.32

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life

The film takes place in a Japan beset by near-endless rain. Under a perpetually gray sky, Weathering With You follows Hodaka, a teenage boy who leaves home for Tokyo with no real plan other than getting away and trying to make it on his own.

He falls in with Suga, a tabloid writer who gives him a place to stay in exchange for being his assistant. Throughout, he keeps crossing paths with Hina, a girl who we learn has the power to summon sunshine with a prayer.

12. Toradora (2008)

Toradora is an amazing anime that is home to even more than a love triangle. I would describe Toradora as: Love and sacrifices, true friendships and sadness. Frankly, my dissatisfaction with the end of the anime made me love this anime even more.

Along with the sad anime movies on Netflix, this series will make you sad 🙁

MAL Score: 8.11

Genres: Love Polygon, Romance, School

Plot Summary

The story revolves around Ryuuji Takasu. Ryuuji loves Minori and therefore makes a deal with Taiga, a short but strong girl, to help Ryuuji get Minori. In return, Ryuuji will also help Taiga get the person she loves. Love and sadness go hand in hand in this story.

13. In This Corner of the World (2016)

MAL Score: 8.22

Genres: Historical, Seinen

“In This Corner of the World” is the story of Suzu Urano, an artistic, kind, supportive young woman who moves to Kure, a small town just outside Hiroshima. Using thousands of photographs of the era, Katabuchi artistically and yet realistically recreates the area in the ’30s and ’40s.

Sad Anime Movies on Netflix 14.

Erased (2016)

MAL Score: 8.32

Genres: Psychological, Seinen, Time Travel

Just when tragedy is about to happen, Satoru Fujinuma realizes that he has jumped back in time a few minutes. He saves many lives with this power, which he later calls “Revival”.

When Satoru is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him, this time he goes back further than ever before and jumps to 18 years ago. Satoru realizes that the kidnapping and murder of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki when he was a child is linked to future murder.

Sad Anime Movies on Netflix 15.


I recommend you to watch this beautiful depressed anime series on Netflix. Then go to youtube and type ‘Charlotte edits’.

MAL Score: 7.75

Genres: School, Super power

The story is about special abilities that emerge in a small percentage of adolescent girls and boys.

Yuu Otosaka thinks he only has superpowers until he enters a school that protects people with superpowers from experiments and malicious missions.

16. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011)

(Since the title of the article is ‘sad anime movies on netflix‘, I won’t write ‘drama‘ in the ‘Genres‘ part, anyway, all anime here contain drama)

MAL Score: 8.33

Genres: Slice of Life, Supernatural

Among her five childhood friends, Menma dies and the other members of the group disperse. One day, Menma’s ghost appears before Jinta, the leader of the group, and tells him that her final wish must come true for her to go to heaven. However, Menma’s ghost can’t remember her last wish, and Jinta reunites the group, thinking that Menma’s ghost maybe remember her final wish.

17. Whishper of the Heart (1995)

sad anime movies on netflix 2022, best sad anime on netflix

MAL Score: 8.22

Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Slice of Life

Shizuku is a young Japanese middle school girl who loves books a lot, learns that all the books she chooses in the library have been previously checked by the same boy. Whishper of the Heart is a Ghibli Stuido production centered on the love of the boy who controls the books with Shizuku.

18. The Girl Who Leapt Throgh Time (2006)

MAL Score: 8.13

Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Time Travel

A 17-year-old girl named Makoto has the power to go back in time and uses it for her own personal gains in many unnecessary situations. However, she doesn’t realize until it’s too late that his travels back in time also affect the lives of others.

19. The Wind Rises (2013)

MAL Score: 8.10

Genres: Historical, Romance

Jiro aims to fly and design airplanes inspired by the famous Italian aviation designer Caproni. Nearsighted from an early age and thus unable to become a pilot, Jiro joined a leading Japanese engineering company in 1927, becoming one of the world’s most reformist and talented aircraft designers.

20. When Marnie Was There (2014)

MAL Score: 8.06

Genres: Mystery, Psychological

Anna is a lonely teenager, Anna’s family moves to another area because they think this might change her attitude. Here Anna finds an abandoned mansion nearby and meets a girl named Marnie, who asks her to promise to keep her secrets from everyone, and they soon become close friends.

21. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)

MAL Score: 8.21

Genres: Fantasy, Historical

An old bamboo cutter sees a little girl inside a bamboo. He adopts the girl and names her ‘princess’. One day, when he finds gold and fine cloth in the bamboo grove where he found his stepdaughter, he thinks it is something divine, separates her from her friends and raises her like a princess.

22. The Garden of Words (2013)

MAL Score: 7.92

Genres: Romance, Slice of Life

Takao, a 15-year-old boy who wants to become a shoemaker, often skips school during the rainy season and spends his time drawing shoes in a garden in Tokyo. He meets Yukino, a 27-year-old woman who likes herself to spend time in the garden.

Then, without prior planning, the two start meeting regularly on rainy days. When the rainy season is over, Takao stops visiting the garden.

Sad Anime Movies on Netflix 23

Orange (2016)

MAL Score: 7.62

Genres: Love Polygon, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Time Travel

One day, Naho Takamiya receives a letter from the future 10 years later. All the events of the day are written in the letter, including the transfer of a new student to the class, and what is written in the letter takes place. Naho from ten years later warned her past self of regret.

24. From Up On Poppy Hill (2011)

MAL Score: 7.80

Genres: Historical, Romance, Shoujo

Umi meets Shun, a member of the newspaper club. At this time, the school administration decides to demolish and reconstruct the school’s clubhouse, Quartier Latin. As a group of Yokohama students try to thwart this decision, Umi and Shun slowly become drawn to each other.

25. 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007)

MAL Score: 7.60

Genres: Romance, Slice of Life

Takaki and Akari are close friends, but Takaki and Akari’s friendships are tested when Akari moves to another city. As time and distance separate them, the two communicate via letters and struggle to keep their friendship alive. Takaki learns that he is moving to another city and chooses to visit Akari one more time.
26. Ride Your Wave (2019)
MAL Score: 7.61
Genres: Romance, Supernatural
27. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011)

MAL Score: 7.54

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

28. The Place Promised in Our Early Days

MAL Score: 7.48

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fİ

29. Forest of Piano (2018)

MAL Score: 7.31

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Music

30. Flavors Of youth (2018)

MAL Score: 7.12

Genres: Romance, Slice of Life

We have come to the end of sad anime movies on netflix article. Read our other articles too.

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