12 Sad Anime on Netflix in 2023: Perfect for Crying

I carefully selected the sad anime on Netflix.

In this article, there were once 30 animes, but I learned that only 5 anime of 30 are left on Netflix.. and now with 12 carefully selected anime, the list is back keep your wipes ready!

12- Japan Sinks: 2020

MAL Score: 6.45
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fİ

The four members of the Mutō family, everything they know as life, and as Japan sinks into the oceans, they must survive disaster and come together. Surviving is on one side and saying goodbye to those who didn’t survive on the other, it’s sure the family is thoroughly tested by disaster.

11- 7SEEDS

MAL Score: 6.56

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Psychological, Time Travel, Romance

You are in Japan, but this Japan is very different from what you remember, after a meteorite disaster that fell on the earth, you have to try to survive, nothing is the same anymore.

In order to keep the human race alive, 5 groups of seven were preserved by cryogenics, and each group awaits a tough fight on their way to the “Seven Fuji” in this world where strange plants and creatures have evolved.

Fortunately, 5 groups has a professional adult in survival and each member has various skills, but Natsu doesn’t seem to have any.

10- Lost Song

MAL Score: 6.92

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

Rin is a girl who dreams of singing her magical songs in the capital. Finis, on the other hand, is a beautiful woman, while the shadow of the war spreads throughout the kingdom who heals the wounded and gives morale to the soldiers in the capital by singing magical songs. As a matter of fact, Finis is a weapon of the army, which is not even allowed to leave the palace.

One day, Rin’s quiet life is shattered after she rescues a wounded knight named Henry Leobort near the village with her song of healing. Rin heads to the capital to escape the soldiers and fulfill her dream, and it’s inevitable that her fate will cross with Finis.

Best Sad Anime on Netflix

9- Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

MAL Score: 7.42

Genres: Music, Romance, Slice of Life

Cherry“, who can express himself with Japanese Haiku poems he shares online but cannot read his poems in front of an audience, and “Smile“, a popular video star, who always hides her protruding teeth and her smile with it behind a mask, the two start working part-time at the same facility.

An old man named Fujiyama asks them to find a record he used to have, but now only has a cover, to listen to one last time. Cherry and Smile decide to help, find the soundtrack for his deceased wife.

8- Children of the Whales

MAL Score: 7.17
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Super Power, Shoujo

On the ever-moving island of Mud Whale lives a colony of people, most of whom have the power to manipulate objects with their minds at the cost of their short lifaspan.

Although the people of island know nothing about the outside world, one day when they come across a deserted island, the village archivist Chakuro and his friends discover something that will change the fate of all Mud Whale, a girl in the wreckage.

7- Forest of Piano

MAL Score: 7.31

Genres: Drama, Adventure, Comedy, Music

Two different lifestyles, Kai, the son of a prostitute, and Syuhei, the son of an outstanding musician, but their talent at the piano is the bond that will bring them together.

Although Kai has so far pursued his passion by playing an abandoned piano in forest, Syuhei’s insistence and the extraordinary abilities of music teacher, former master pianist Ajino push him to take piano lessons.

6- Flavors of Youth

MAL Score: 7.12

Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

In the time that passes, even the places in sweet childhood memories do not remain the same, situations that create warm memories of the past, such as the mouth-watering steam of Xiang noodles may still not be there in adulthood.

Flavors of Youth consists of 3 anthology stories that come together around a single broad main theme.

5- Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011)

sad animes on netflix, sad movies on netflix

MAL Score: 8.33

Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Among the five childhood friends, Menma dies and the other members of the group disperse.

One day, Menma’s ghost appears before Jinta, the leader of the group, and tells him that her final wish must come true for her to go to heaven. However, Menma’s ghost can’t remember her last wish, and Jinta reunites the group, thinking that Menma’s ghost maybe remember her final wish.

Sad Anime on Netflix in 2023

4- Erased

MAL Score: 8.32

Genres: Psychological, Seinen, Time Travel

Just when tragedy is about to happen, Satoru Fujinuma realizes that he has jumped back in time a few minutes. He saves many lives with this power, which he later calls “Revival”.

When Satoru is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him, this time he goes back further than ever before and jumps to 18 years ago. Satoru realizes that the kidnapping and murder of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki when he was a child is linked to future murder.

3. Toradora

Toradora is an amazing anime that is home to even more than a love triangle. I would describe Toradora as: Love and sacrifices, true friendships and sadness. Frankly, my dissatisfaction with the end of the anime made me love this anime even more.

Along with the sad anime on Netflix, this series will make you sad 🙁

sad anime movies on netflix

MAL Score: 8.11

Genres: Drama, Love Polygon, Romance, Comedy

The story revolves around Ryuuji Takasu, Ryuuji loves Minori and therefore makes a deal with Taiga, Minori’s best friend to help Ryuuji get Minori. In return, Ryuuji must bring his best friend Yuusaku Kitamura closer to Taiga. And hings will get even more complex.

2- Violet Evergarden

best sad anime on netflix, sad anime to watch on netflix

MAL Score: 8.67

Genres: Fantasy, Slice of Life

Raised after 4 years of long war to serve only as the perfect weapon of war, Violet Evergarden finds herself searching for meaning in the words of someone very important.

While trying to save Army Chief Gilbert, Violet had lost her hand, moreover, the person she fell in love with, Gilbert, but she cannot comprehend this feeling yet.

Another thing she cannot grasp the meaning of is the words, Gilbert’s last words to her; “I love you”

Violet witnesses how the “Auto Memory Doll” works, which register everything said by a human voice, people’s feelings and thoughts. Hoping to understand her own past feelings, Violet begins a mutual trade as an Auto Memory Doll.

1. A Silent Voice (2016)

A masterpiece by Kyoto Animation. As soon as the movie starts, it touches your emotions and draws you in.

It is inevitable that you will think of a piece of your own life and it is certain that you will be lost in thoughts as the movie continues.

Because A Silent Voice covers a lot of real life, it covers a serious topic like suicide, it also includes not being open with other people, and these topics are brilliantly handled in the movie in a memorable way.

sad anime movies on netflix, sad anime on netflix

MAL Score: 8.95

Genres: Romantic Subtext, Drama

A young boy, Shouya Ishida, leads the class by far in the bullying of the deaf Shouko. As a result, after Shoko has to leave school, he is the one being bullied. Since primary school, no one talks to him, he is the only culprit.

Years later, what keeps Shouya from committing suicide is the fact that with all his regret overtaking him, he sets out for Shouko. But this is not a journey of redemption, because he thinks his actions cannot be redeemed.. so is it?

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