12 Sad Anime on Crunchyroll; to Bawl Your Eyes Out

Want to cry? Here are 12 sad anime on Crunchyroll.

Sad animes affect us deeply and they can present us with a light sadness that we cannot get over for a long time.

Like the ones in the ‘sad animes on Crunchyroll’ list, dozens of anime were created to make us cry and sad, but as soon as the anime is over, a sense of relaxation takes over you, relax!

Crying isn’t usually seen as a good thing, because you cry because you have a problem and that’s what makes it “bad”, but crying can comfort us and this ‘sad animes on Crunchyroll’ list has these amazing plot animes that will pull you in and make you cry and then you will experience relief or relief mixed with a feeling of emptiness (: Good watching.

#1 Your Lie in April

sad anime on crunchyroll, crunchyroll sad anime

MAL Score: 8.66

Genres: Music, Romance, School

Kousei Arima was an outstanding child pianist praised even by accomplished musicians. However, when his mother dies, Arima has a hard time coping with it and he cannot hear the sound of his piano due to the trauma.
As Arima’s life gets worse, he meets a beautiful violinist, Kaori Miyazono, who encourages him to play the piano and enters a competition with him. All of this helps get Arima out of his depression, but Kaori is hiding a harsh truth that could push his back to the limit.

It definitely deserves #1 on the ‘sad anime on crunchyroll list.

#2 A Place Further Then The Universe

sad Crunchyroll anime, crunchyroll sad animes

MAL Score: 8.54

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Mari Tamaki wants to spend her youth to the fullest, but instead of achieving it, she succumbs to her fear. – Until she meets Shirase, who is saving up to go to Antarctica where her mother disappeared 3 years ago!

Shirase, Hinata, Yuzuki and Mari embark on a ‘discovery’ journey to Antarctica where they will find the value of their friendship and youth, and perhaps the missing mother.

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Sad Anime On Crunchyroll #3

#3 Anohona: The Flower We Saw That Day

MAL Score: 8.33

Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Among her five childhood friends, Menma dies and the other members of the group disperse. One day, Menma’s ghost appears before Jinta, the leader of the group, and tells him that her final wish must come true for her to go to heaven.

However, Menma’s ghost can’t remember her last wish, and Jinta reunites the group, thinking that Menma’s ghost maybe remember her final wish.

#4 86 Eighty-Six

MAL Score: 8.24

Genres: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

The Republic of San Magnolia is waging a war against the machine drones known as the Legion. There is no need to worry about the 85 districts of the Republic that continue the war with their own unmanned combat vehicles without causing any casualties.

In precinct 86th district, young soldiers known as 86, who are not seen as human, fight head-to-head with the Legions.

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#5 Erased

Sad Anime on Crunchyroll #6


MAL Score: 8.32

Genres: Psychological, Seinen, Time Travel

Just when tragedy is about to happen, Satoru Fujinuma realizes that he has jumped back in time a few minutes. He saves many lives with this power, which he later calls “Revival”.

When Satoru is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him, this time he goes back further than ever before and jumps to 18 years ago. Satoru realizes that the kidnapping and murder of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki when he was a child is linked to future murder.

#6 To Your Eternity

sad anime on Crunchroll

MAL Score: 8.39

Genres: Drama, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural

Capable of taking the form of reflected entities, ‘It’ years after turning into rock, takes the form of a dying wolf wandering through the snowy climate of North America. That’s how it tastes consciousness for the first time.

Then meets the lone boy, the wolf’s master, who hopes to see his tribe again in a distant land full of fruit and fish. The boy decides to set out to find his tribe, but the road is long and his body is injured.

7- Plastic Memories

crunchyroll sad animes, crunchyroll sad anime

MAL Score: 7.92

Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama

Plastic Memories takes place in the near future where there are androids that look exactly like humans. SAI Corp android company has introduced a new android model called Giftia which is the most humanoid android ever.

If Giftias expire at 9 years and 4 months, Giftias experience personality disintegration, memory loss, and bursts of violence. There is a team called Terminal Services to retrieve expired Giftias from their owners and erase their memories.

Working in Terminal Services, Tsukasa Mizugaki falls in love with a Giftia named Isla, and Isla’s life of 9 months and 4 months is about to come to an end.

Sad Anime on Crunchyroll #8

best sad anime on crunchyroll


MAL Score: 7.62

Genres: Love Polygon, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Time Travel

One day, Naho Takamiya receives a letter from the future 10 years later. All the events of the day are written in the letter, including the transfer of a new student to the class, and what is written in the letter takes place. Naho from ten years later warned her past self of regret.


#9 Angel Beats

MAL Score: 8.08

Genres: Supernatural, School

Angel Beats! takes place in a world after death, a kind of purgatory where people learn to let go of a trauma, a challenge, or any obsession they have been unable to overcome, before reincarnating.

Those in purgatory may feel pain, eat, and even die, but then they are resurrected.

#10 Steins Gate

MAL Score: 9.08

Genres: Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Time Travel

Rintaro and Itaru Hashida create a device that can unintentionally send messages back in time. As a result, they create large-scale changes in the present. They then try to create a timeline closest to the original timeline to save the lab members.

#11 The Ancient Magus’ Bride

MAL Score: 8.07

Genres: Fantasy, Slice of Life

Chise Hatori, a desperate and lonely high school student ostracized by her relatives, sells herself at an auction for £5 million to an animal-skull wizard known as Elias Ainsworth. Chise begins her new life as an apprentice to Elias, the wizard who looks more like a demon than a human.

Sad Anime On Crunchyroll #12

#12 Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

MAL Score: 8.04

Genres: Mecha, Action, Space Year: 2015 Studio: Sunrise

Iron-Blooded Orphans is about a group of teenagers who oppose the world government that rules Mars because of the horrendous living conditions of Mars.

A group of young adults living on Mars rebel against them and start their own security company for freedom.

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