12 Sad Anime on Funimation 2023: For Cry-Fest

I’ve listed 12 really sad animes on Funimation.

If you have watched Masterpiece anime, there are many parts that stay in your mind, usually the parts that stay in your mind are the saddest and vital parts, which shows us that sadness is very valuable for an anime.

You won’t be able to hold back your tears while watching sad animes on Funimation like Your lie in April, Clannad or Your Name. And, after crying comes a relief, calmness and peace. Let’s start.

Sad Animes on Funimation #12

Chrono Crusade

MAL Score: 7.63

Genres: Action, Romance, Supernatural, Drama

Just after the Great War, the 1920s was a time of great change and turmoil in the United States, when monstrous demons emerged. The Magdalene Order was formed to deal with the emerging Demonic Sinners.

Rosette, a young and reckless nun at the New York branch of the Society, embarks on a journey with her partner Chrono to find her missing brother Joshua through demons. As they progress, the demonic threats become increasingly dangerous.

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