SakimichanArt’s Anya Forger Illustration released

SakimichanArt released a teaser for the Anya Forger illustration, which was widely criticized.

The teaser received a lot of criticism but angry fans couldn’t stop the art and SakimichanArt released the Anya Forger illustration.

sakimichanart anya forger, sakimichanart illustration

The illustrator’s post has received 35 thousand likes, 4000 retweets and 2000 replies so far.

sakimichan anya forger, sakimichan spy x family
“You are sick, kill yourself.”

Talking like that because the 21-year-old version of a fictional character was drawn in a sexy way.. It’s like she’s the real sick one.

The vast majority of people said they liked the drawing.

But the debate about the sexualization of Loli’s 21-year-old self continued.


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