Sexualized Illustration of Anya Forger Gets Backlash

On Twitter, popular illustrator ‘SakimichanArt’ shared a sketch of an illustration of Anya Forger grown up.

SakimichanArt is an illustrator who shares sexy fanart of anime and game characters, with some people backlash because of her drawing of Anya Forger.

The tweet has received 2200 replies and 7000 likes so far. Many angry anime fans criticized the illustrator in the comments, but the majority agreed that the image SakmichanArt shared was okay.

Anya Forger Sakimichan
original tweet: sakimichana

Many said that Anya is only 5 years old and that Anya should not be sexualized.

They said that they are not against drawing adult versions of child characters, but they are against drawing adult versions of them so sexy.

Sakimichan’s tweet received 2,200 quotes and was mostly criticism, but too many anime fans mocked the angry critics.

On the other hand, many people reminded that the illustration is only Anya grown up.

There were those who tried to restrict SakimichanArt as well as those who defended what the artist did.

I guess an aged up character is still illegal according to people in replies
Wonder what happens when they realize that most adults were children at some point in their lives 🤣🤣🤣
SakimichanArt, Anya Forger illustration

“Ignore crybaby and keep drawing what you want, if you want Anya do Anya!

Kids will always cry over pixels and you can’t fight it.”

sakimichan spy x family, sakimichan anya forger

“Its amazing to see the same people who suggested aging up characters like this are now against it now.”

“I know right? What is so wrong about aging up a fictional character… don’t people at one point were children but became adults?”

The issue of the sexualization of young anime characters continues to be debated.

Some even oppose the sexualization of the teen character’s adult character, while others say it’s just a drawing. I think this is legal and there is no point in arguing.

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