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Seinen vs Shonen: Which is Better? and Differences

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We explained the similarities and differences of the two most common genres in anime and manga genres; Seinen vs Shonen.

Shonen and Seinen are used to explain what age ranges an anime is made for audiences to watch and which gender is particularly interesting.

Shonen, describes anime made for boy audiences aged 12-18. Seinen, is used to describe anime made for the male audience between the ages of 18-40 to watch.

Now, let’s move on to the differences that you need to know between animes of the Seinen genre and animes of the Shonen genre!

Let’s move on to the differences between seinen and shonen: Seinen vs Shonen differences.

#1 They Target Different Age Groups

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Seinen vs Shonen: Age Groups

  • Seinen animes target people between the ages of 18-40. And Seinen animes are not suitable for under 18s.
  • However, the Shonen genre is aimed at 12-18 year olds.

Many famous anime such as Death Note, Attack On Titan, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter belong to the Shonen genre.

Shonen is considered the most common anime genre, although Seinen appeals to a wide audience of 18-50.

#2 Seinen Contains Adult Scenes

what is seinen and shounen, What is the difference between seinen and shonen, What is shonen seinen animeYou can often see sexual images in Seinen anime (not all and not as obvious as Hentai) that you can’t find in Shonen anime.

Shonen animes contain fighting and action, but they certainly do not disturb or set a bad example, and do not contain +18 scenes.

Seinen animes, on the other hand, can contain as much violence, horror and blood elements as they contain sexuality, which can be disgusting to some people and of course differ from anime to anime.

#3 Seinen Stories are More Realistic and Complex

difference between shonen and seinen, shonen and seinen, Seinen vs Shonen: Differences and MeaningsAs we mentioned, Shonen animes are aimed at a very young audience between the ages of 12-18. Maybe that’s why Shonen animes have a simpler plot and storyline and focus more on action.

Shonen animes often use elements such as friendship, love, action, sadness and comedy to attract the attention of the audience, Seinen animes also use them, but not as much as Shonen animes. Seinen animes become more complex and unique with plot, realism, unusually engaging topics, and as a result.

For example, in Shonen anime, often the main character gets stronger in various ways, maybe save the world, maybe the city. In Seinen anime, the situation is more complex and difficult.

This doesn’t mean that Seinen animes are better, in fact, since Shonen animes are simple in subject area, they focus more on comedy, friendship, love, and that’s why Shonen animes are more fun and fluid.

#4 Seinen Contains Less Clichés Than Shonen

seinen and shonen difference, shonen and seinen difference

There are typical features of Shonen animes, for example;

Most Shonen animes contain copious amounts of fight scenes, and many famous Shonen animes have fighting tournaments (etc, My Hero Academia), the characters say the name of the move they use aloud, the theme of friendship is often emphasized, character overly fond of food or ramen (etc Naruto) etc.

(While there are many typical features of Shonen anime, each one is unique and feels different)

#5 Shonen Has More Comedy Than Seinen

Both Seinen and Shonen animes contain comedy. But Shonen typically includes more comedy.

There are very funny Seinen animes, I am not saying that Seinen animes do not contain comedy, I am generally saying that Shonen animes contain more comedy and Seinen animes contain less comedy.

#6 Shonen More Often Includes Action

difference between seinen and shonen

Shonen anime is nothing short of action. Shonen is the anime genre/demography with the most action.

Seinen animes can also contain action, but all Shonen animes contain action.

Animes that are known by everyone who has an interest in anime and fall into the action category:

Attack On Titan, One Piece, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist: Broterhood, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter.

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