The Greatest 10 Anime Characters – you should see

In this article, I will list the anime characters that I find the coolest and the greatest anime characters, you may not like the order, our tastes may be different.

Anime characters are one of the things that make anime indispensable, sometimes we even connect to a character in the anime more than the anime.

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I guess we all have an anime character that we like more than others anime characters, a character we see ourselves closer to, don’t worry if that anime character is not on the list, but I hope you can find that character on the list.

Let’s start the ranking from the 10th row.

#10 Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is the coolest character in My Hero Academia in my opinion. It ranks 9th on the the greatest anime characters list.

Todoroki is the friendly rival of the main character, Deku. Shoto has a good personality as a character, what makes Shoto cool isn’t that he’s contradictory or sarcastic.

I think the most important factor that makes him look cool is that although he is not very strong, he looks cool when he uses his powers, ice and fire. And of course his personality also makes him cool.

#9 Sasuke

Sasuke, one of the most important characters of the Naruto anime, ranks 9th on the greatest anime characters list.

His quiet and cool demeanor, his desire for revenge and his strength combined with his determination make Sasuke really cool.

#8 Akame

Akame is a character that I still don’t understand if she is the main character and I love it. It ranks 8th on the greatest anime characters list.

Akame is a character who seems unfeeling, devoted to destroying enemies and revolution.

The things that make Akame cool, in my opinion, are its focus on the purpose of making the revolution, its seriousness and magnificent power and of course its cute (:

Watch Akame Ga Kill 

#7 Naruto

Coolest Anime Characters

He is a character from the Naruto anime of the same name.It ranks 7th on the the greatest anime characters list.

Although not very cool at first, Naruto climbed the ladder one by one, strengthened to become the hokage of the village, and became an indispensable part of the list of cool characters.

#6 Light Yagami

Greatest Anime Characters

We all know the death notebook, it is the notebook that kills people when its name is written in it, and there is Light Yagami, the cool user of the notebook.

Light Yagami is the clever and cool character from the Death Note anime. He has a great goal of conquering the world, and there’s not much he can’t do for that goal.

There’s no need to examine what makes Light cool, just think of his wit and smile.

#5 Alucard

Who is the coolest anime character?

Sir Dracula or Alucard is selfish because he is immortal and invincible. Although he is not an entirely bad person, he is quite brutal and cynical towards his opponents.

Alucard is powerful enough to mock even its strongest opponents. (he even lets his opponents look like they’re going to beat him in battle, then takes his opponent down)

What makes Alucard cool is that it is immortal, invincible, and therefore fearless.

#4 Ken Kaneki

Who is the coolest anime guy?

Ken Kaneki is a Tokyo Ghoul character whose cool images you can find on Pinterest, Reddit or any social media.

I will fill in this part when I finish Tokyo Ghoul.

#3 L Lawliet

Who is the most coolest anime character?, the greatest anime characters

The iconic character of Death Note, L.

He is a perfect character with his sitting, affectionate ways, fondness for food and, of course, miraculous intelligence.

His epic rivalry with Yagami Light reveals what makes him cool.

L is not handsome and attractive but he has an image that suits him, his intelligence is indisputable, he is one of the coolest characters ever.

#2 Eren Yeager

Who is the coolest anime boy?

You may be surprised that I put Eren in the 2nd place on this list, but since the 4th season, I think Eren has turned into a great character.

The character of Eren Yeager stands out with his drawing, absolute power and great ideals in the 4th season.

The opening of episode 2 of season 4 focuses on Eren and contains images of Eren looking cool, we can see from here that from episode 2 of season 4, the character of Eren Yeager was designed to be cool.

Who is the coolest anime character?


#1 Lelouch Vi Britannia

the greatest anime characters, most cool anime characters

And we came to the first. Lelouch Lamperouge, also known as Lelouch Vi Britannia, is the character that made us love Code Geass anime. I think he is the greatest anime character.

He is an anime character that stands out with his drawing and is obviously drawn with the motto ‘this character must be very cool‘.

Geass, he has the power to make people obey instantly, he is so cool when he uses this power, that’s why I say watch the Code Geass anime.

Those around him know Lelouch as a normal academy student, but he is ‘zero‘, the masked leader of the Japanese resistance. It should be noted, if ‘Zero’ was a different character from Lelouch, in my opinion Lelouch would be the coolest character ever, and Zero would be the 2nd coolest character.

His personality is debatable, but his intelligence is never. He’s just as smart as L Lawliet, and maybe more.

And we’ve come to the end of the article, I hope you enjoyed it my friend, don’t forget to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and write your opinion in the comments.

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