10 Most Kawaii/Cute Anime Girl Characters

I have listed the cute girl anime characters from each other. They’re all so cute and make you wish they actually existed!

-Those who say anime girls are real may not be saying-

#10 Cute Anime Girl Characters

Misaki Ayuzawa/Usui – Maid Sama!

Misaki is considered more beautiful than sweet. That’s why it’s last on our list.

#9 Cute Anime Girl Characters

Yui Hirasawa – ‘K-On!’

He is lazy but also has an energetic personality. He is fearless, benevolent, and has many personal qualities from which we should draw inspiration.

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#8 Konata İzumi – Lucky Star

the most cute anime girl characters

He has long blue hair and green and sleepy eyes. She has a very short, petite look, but that doesn’t take away from her sweetness, on the contrary, it adds to it.

#7 Ushio Okazaki – ‘CLANNAD’

most kawaii anime girl characters

Her hair is open and partially short, except for a small bow on the back of her head. Ushio is a cute little boy with big beautiful eyes.

#6 Victorique De Blois – Gosick

Anime Girl photos

And now there is Viqtorieque De Blois with her eccentric personality.

* It has a beautiful appearance as well as sweet.

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#5 Rom & Ram – ‘Hyperdimension Neptunia’

kawaii anime girl character

Rom and ram are twin brothers who are very close to each other.

Although there are some differences, they are very similar to each other. Maybe because they look alike, they’re both sweet enough to be on this list.

#4 Nezuko Kamado – ‘Demon Slayer’

Kawaii anime character

Who would have thought that a demon could be this sweet?

As a child, Nezuko had a kind and loving personality, and when she became a demon, she resisted this desire by not drinking human blood. That’s how gentle and loving she is.

#3 Cute Anime Girl Characters

Taiga Aisaka – ‘Toradora’

Who is the most cute girl in anime?

Taiga is a short but strong and sweet girl. He has a very romantic and nervous personality.

Taiga, who is sweet when angry and sad (even when breathing briefly) is third on our list!

#2 Cute Anime Girl Characters

Kanna Kamui – ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’

cute anime girl characters

I won’t talk about his dragon form, let’s focus on Kanna, a sweet, gentle boy, not on her strengths.

You can find the sweetness of her appearance in the image, and if you watch the anime, you can see her sweet behavior and movements.

#1 Cute Anime Girl Characters

Eri – My Hero Academia

 Who is cutest anime character?, most cute anime girl character

She is at the top of the list with her hair that reaches her waist, her sweet, innocent look and red eyes.

Despite her magnificent superpower, her naive and innocent personality in need of protection made us love her.

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