What Is Manga? – Just What Need to Know!

The first thing we need to know is that ‘manga’ is a Japanese word and is very common in Japan. It makes up the majority of the book industry in Japan.

What Is Manga?

Manga is the Japanese name for comics, mangas are comics drawn with anime drawing art.

The word manga is also used for graphic novels.

One manga drawing example

When did the first ‘manga’ word appear?

According to what is known, the use of the word started in the 1770s.


There are many different types: Gekiga, Doujinshi, Kodomo, Mecha, Mecha, Hentai, Shoujo ai, Shonen ai, Yuri, Yaoi, Josei, Seinen, Shoujo, Shonen.

What are manga artists called?

Manga artists are called ‘mangaka’ in Japan. And there are a lot of people in Japan doing this job.

Short informations about mangas:
• The first manga is a collection of 850 pages.
• is very common in Japan, people of all ages read it.
In America and in many parts of the world, all comics are thought to be for children and are not valued, but in Japan this is not the case.
• is usually black and white drawings.
• is read from top to bottom and from right to left.
• produced by adapting from animations (animes) is called ‘Ani-Manga’.
• Many anime have been adapted from its.

Animes are usually animations adapted from mngas. Click to read our article with 10 anime suggestions.

More informations:

Is now popular in many countries besides Japan, and there are many non-Japanese Mangakas. Since non-Japanese people who do not live in Japan also draw this, the word can be used for all comics. We can say that the word can be used synonymously with comics. For this reason, some experts say that to understand whether a drawing is a comic book or a manga, one should look at the technical side.

More info from Wikipedi: Wikipedia Link

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