What Makes Anime so Special? Why Preferable..

What makes anime so special, I’ll explain this by bringing the objective and the subjective together.

72% Americans watch anime” and “Anime is the 3rd most in-demand subgenre worldwide with a 5.5%“, as does the rest of the world, at similar rates.

Many taboos on anime did not prevent the increasing number of viewers. But, why is anime, Japanese animation, so popular? What makes anime popular, let’s see.

1. Because IT IS Animation – The Variety!

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The TV series/film industry is mostly made up of imaginary products, and to go beyond reality and not limit the imagination, the animation style works, like anime.

Are the characters slime? ok sir. Are the titans attacking the wall maria? 4 seasons out of this! Or let the anime take place in a universe where there are various races and the main characters enlighten the public by writing which species are better to sleep with after testing them in br0thels? I’m talking about ‘Interspecies Reviewers’, interesting? weird? Well, anyway.

Thus, each anime is quite different and interesting from the other, if we add that they fit a lot in just 20 minutes, good deal!

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Anime tends to develop in steps, which makes each episode interesting and enjoyable. Usually, you get to taste and absorb the theme of the anime in the first episodes, then continue to progress through the plot and character developments, thus you are able to relate to the character/anime. That’s why it’s far from superficial compared to other subgenres.

2. Amount and Anime & Manga Relation

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Hundreds of new anime are coming out every year (300-400), and some deserve to be popular.

As we know, animes are generally based on proven and great manga, this shows that manga is filtered and popular stories are turned into anime. What makes anime unique, popular, or special? Or what makes anime anime; One of the best answers to this is the anime and manga relationship. This makes it better and better.

  • Proven, beloved mangas turn into anime
  • The anime art style is cheaper, and a lot of anime airs
  • Include all genres, demographics, and even more
Why Anime so Popular

3. Variety of Genres and Demographics

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Animes don’t just stick to typical genres. Ecchi, Isekai, Mecha, and Iyashikei are examples of this.

At the same time, also has demographic targets audience for all ages:

Shonen for young teen boys, Seinen for young adult men, Shoujo for young teen girls, Josei for young adult women, and Kodomomuke for children.

It is easy to find interesting anime for all genders, and all age groups, anime is neither just for kids nor for boys only. For example, Shonen covers all interests of young teen boys. And as expected from a category that targets teen boys, it’s usually about action, adventure, and fighting evil forces. And the exact opposite, Shoujo targets young teen girls and covers topics of interest to young girls.

Read; All Anime Genres Description; Seinen, Shonen, Shojo +12

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I think you might be interested in Isekai and Ecchi genres:

The genre in which the character is suddenly transported to another world is called Isekai, it’s getting pretty popular these days!

Animes that contain sexual elements and try to give the audience pleasure, but where the genital parts are not visible, are called Ecchi, which is popular.

Why Anime is Good

4. Art Quality on Another Level!

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We, visual creatures, love so much good art, and isn’t it always better to watch the ceremony of action with quality animation than just watching the action?

Or romance, drama, adventure, comedy, or whatever else. While that’s not what makes anime popular, the animation quality is a cornerstone of the anime culture. Always better with good art.

Some anime is a visual spectacle, real art! Some have a nice atmosphere or something, -usually have something nice to show- some offer great cooking moments, some the vibrations of the grass with the most peaceful seconds, or numerous anime host the comforting leaf fall scene of the fall and the spring.

Compared to American Animation, is really on a different level in art. And if you’re talking about art, anime offers a lot to love.

What Makes Anime Different

5. Characters

Animes tend to have more than one main character, and anime characters have enough depth and a sufficient number of characteristic features that allow the viewer to relate to the character. Characters can be the driving force of a story, plus interesting character always equals engaging anime.

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Hope you understand why animes are more interesting and popular than stupid Turkish TV series one episode last 2 and a half hours. Existence can be shown as a reason, but.. you got this.

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